Estella- Gender roles and monsters collide.

I can’t believe I have to revisit Great Expectations ; but I must. Estella was a great example of a non stereotypical gender role monster. We expect women to want to love and be loved, have the perfect wedding day that they’ve dreamed of since they were little girls and fragile beings. Estella wanted none of this and she was far from fragile. Besides being raised to reek havoc upon the male species, she rejected Pip’s love for her (or anyone else for that matter) and was a generally callous person. Though not a liar, she was unable to reciprocate that love which is almost mind blowing. It’s not a far reach to see that there are currently women like this. Typically, we label them as “gold-diggers” and other such lovely terms while, in reality, they’re probably hardened by a scorned lover, relationship problems or “Daddy issues”. Despite the reason, there are some modern day Estella’s out there, but we don’t call them “monsters”.



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