Fuck it; I’m going to keep this blog rolling.

Sitting here on Christmas(or whatever holiday you celebrate) break, I’m bored.

Here’s something to lift your spirits.


Last HUM 100 Blog…

It’s tough to choose what we could have done without, but I’m going to go with Robert and Elizabeth Browning. I didn’t find them as interesting as the rest of the material we covered, although learning about them was okay. Creep factor? Check. Parallel drawn between Robert Browning and Poe? Check. Bored by Elizabeth? Double-Check.

On second thought, I may have disliked Lewis Carroll slightly more because his stories sucked and I bet if he were alive today that he’d have a thin mustache and a windowless van because he was OBVIOUSLY a creeper.

Now, on to the good stuff….

Under NO circumstances should Tennyson EVER be dropped. The Lady of Shallot and The Charge of the Light Brigade are far too important to literature to be ignored or not talked about. Tennyson put feelings to paper like no one else during the era.

Also, Never (EVER-EVER-EVER!!!) get rid of Scandal in Bohemia! I would go as far as to completely dismiss The Red Headed League in order to discuss Scandal in Bohemia at greater length.

I will close on this…

Ms Vance, thank you for a wonderful semester. Do NOT sell this class short as “useless knowledge” as you have helped link history to our modern society, taught the greater and deeper meanings of remarkable stories, but most importantly……you have been teaching us to think critically and, that, is a remarkable feat. Well done, ma’am.



Estella- Gender roles and monsters collide.

I can’t believe I have to revisit Great Expectations ; but I must. Estella was a great example of a non stereotypical gender role monster. We expect women to want to love and be loved, have the perfect wedding day that they’ve dreamed of since they were little girls and fragile beings. Estella wanted none of this and she was far from fragile. Besides being raised to reek havoc upon the male species, she rejected Pip’s love for her (or anyone else for that matter) and was a generally callous person. Though not a liar, she was unable to reciprocate that love which is almost mind blowing. It’s not a far reach to see that there are currently women like this. Typically, we label them as “gold-diggers” and other such lovely terms while, in reality, they’re probably hardened by a scorned lover, relationship problems or “Daddy issues”. Despite the reason, there are some modern day Estella’s out there, but we don’t call them “monsters”.