Dracula lives on and even sparkles sometimes…

Dracula continues to inspire and bring about popular and unpopular features in pop culture. I like to think that the reason the story is still so prominent is due to a few things. The first is immortality. We subject ourselves to invasive procedures in an effort to satisfy that vanity. The fact that Dracula will never die means he must never really age. This plays into the second reason we remain fascinated; many people are afraid of death. We do whatever we can to relieve the anxiety of death such as clinging to religion or something that helps calm our fears of the unknown. Personally, I don’t require such assurance, but understand why some do. As far as why we changed him, it boils down to Hollywood needing to sell tickets. The early silent film Nosferatu featured Max Shrek as a ghastly monster which shocked and fascinated audiences, but you can only tell the same story over and over so many times. In the 60’s and 70’s Dracula movies once more captured American audiences with a suave, debonair version of this elegant Count who could charm and woo those around him, lightening the “monster” image that Stoker worked so hard to show. This snowballed into the lovable Grandpa on The Munsters and further softened our view of the vampire. Now, let’s talk about Twilight ….


That’s enough about that catastrophe where we cheer on a young girl to commit either necrophilia or bestiality.

Seriously, what’s wrong with people? Stoker would roll over in his grave if  he saw the monstrosity that his work had inspired because he placed such an emphasis on insuring that the Vampire was not loved nor revered. Great, now my heart rate is up.

Fucking Twilight……….




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