Dracula: The Novel vs. The Movie

The most disturbing part of the movie that coincided with the movie was when Harker observed the Count making his was down the castle wall like a lizard. The book’s description and the movie’s portrayal of it was nearly identical. Certainly it was also the most shocking  part of the film that captured the “creep factor” pretty well. The major difference was the initial meeting of Count. The movie missed out on his obvious animal-like features that the book describes and definitely skipped Dracula’s cool Foo-Man-Chu mustache. This was actually kind of important because that type of mustache is associated with wisdom; wisdom Dracula would have amassed during his extended period of existence. I did like the combining of some scenes for the purpose of brevity and clarity of the narrative. Although we didn’t see it in class, Dracula’s attack on Lucy in the movie showed him in a wolf man form making love to her atop a bench which was where the film REALLY highlighted the monster that Dracula was.






2 thoughts on “Dracula: The Novel vs. The Movie

  1. Coppola movies have lots of naked and the freakier, the better. There is no better example than his take on Stoker’s Dracula – creep, freak, and that other f-word I have to get onto you about… 😉


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