What I know about Dracula

It is said that Stoker based his Dracula upon Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes who was a ruler in Romania. He earned the name “Son of the Dragon”, which translates into “Dracul”, because he would impale invading armies, spies, etc on large pikes and let them writhe in agony until they were dead. Some of the impaling began by placing the victim’s rectum at the tip of the pike and……well….you can guess what happened from there.

Based on what I’ve read, seen, and been exposed to via Hollywood and the book itself; Dracula is a suave, charming, deadly, and misunderstood undead guy. Highly sexual, he’s also a romantic- the dude wants his only love back. Legend tells that his wife committed suicide after receiving a fake letter that her husband had been killed in battle. Upon learning this, Vlad turns his anger towards God and is cursed to become a vampire.

Obviously, I’ll walk away with a different opinion after today’s class.





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