Dorian Gray and I: Growing old, but not up.

We truly aren’t that departed from the Victorians are we?  Just as Dorian longed to hold on to his youth and beauty, we scramble to do the same. Physically, we subject ourselves to everything from Botox therapy (it’s a POISON that we willingly allow to get shot into us to shew away those pesky age lines) to physical mutilations (read: plastic surgery) just to maintain our youth and feed our vanity. Just as concerned with our youthful appearance, many people (myself included) will continue in the indulgences of our youth; consequences be damned. As we age, we aren’t supposed to drink way into the early morning then be fully operational come the workday, but some of us do. That’s the “culture” in which I was raised, but my culture wasn’t a “normal” one. It was not only acceptable, but encouraged to drink until 3 AM, sleep for two hours then sweat it out on a five mile run at 6 AM. There were no consequences UNLESS you couldn’t keep up. As a result, my own Dorian Gray like behavior has followed me into “regular” society where many of my indulgences aren’t acceptable. Though I’ve faced consequences from my actions, unlike Dorian, I choose to continue “being me”, only there’s no painting to absorb my own destruction.






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