Which ending did I prefer?

I like the ending where they do NOT end up together and this is why:

They both got what they deserved- misery in their circumstance. Pip just had to reach for the brass ring when he had a “father” that REALLY loved him, an opportunity to pursue a respectable trade, and  the opportunity to be with Biddy, who really did care for him and was capable of love. As far as Estella, because of the “monster” she was, she deserved that miserable marriage she became trapped in. Now, I’m not condoning domestic violence, but Estella helped me understand it. Not wanting to be completely lacking in compassion, they probably really wouldn’t have fared so well due to them being “damaged goods” as we discussed in class. When two toxic people (which is what they had become) enter into a relationship, it doesn’t turn out well. Lastly, it would be a more realistic ending and in keeping with the spirit of the story.



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