Scream- The Greatest Horror Movie ever Made

The original Scream made in 1996 is my all time favorite “monster movie”. The Ghost mask wearing, knife wielding, maniac that likes to play games with his victim is scary. But what makes him (them) and this particular movie so scary?

It’s feasible. The killer(s) are human, the plot line leaves no holes and it could very well happen in your neighborhood. The entire film kept me in suspense and broke away from the stereotypical horror movie. It didn’t play by the “rules” because the characters knew the “do’s and dont’s”  of surviving a horror film. They didn’t split up, investigate spooky sounds, etc, yet the killer(s) were able to carry out their plan.

Now, I can’t write about my “monster movie” without mentioning Trick R Treat. It is comprised of a series of scary stories involving demonic children, werewolves, etc. It ALMOST tops Scream , but being that involves mythological creatures is much more reassuring than the possibility of an actual monster down the street.



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