Estella, Pip and Miss Havisham: Three Dickens characters that can all eat a whole big bag of dicks.

Estella, Miss Havisham and Pip can all rot in hell. Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s why:

  1. Estella was a walking, talking nightmare of a woman designed and created to break hearts without remorse. Not cool, Miss Havisham, not cool….but it probably explains her choice of a husband.
  2. Miss Havisham had her heart broken and lived out her days in a filthy wedding dress amidst a spider covered and mouse eaten wedding feast without a working clock in that nightmare she called a home and raised Estella in. Had your heart broke, did ya’? It happens. You suck it up and drive on in life, not spending your days wallowing in misery and creating a monster to exact your revenge upon the male species.
  3.  Pip, you poor, ignorant bastard. Stupid enough to think that by suffering, he will find happiness not realizing that it was already at hand. He should’ve stayed in the forge and married Biddy, who was an obvious choice for a good wife. She was educated, sweet and loved Pip, but no……go for the cold, callous and jaw-droppingly rude girl. Smart choice, numb-nuts.



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