Crime and Punishment in the Victorian era.

I wasn’t surprised in the least by what I read about crime and punishment in the Victorian era because it was brutal, pandered to the public at large’s interest and designed to keep up an appearance of non-existent poverty. After all, this was the same society (of which we’re a reflection of) who would rather read about or see “justice” brought about through a harsh manner rather than take the time to deal with the actual problem or reform a broken system. The part that really infuriated me was the use of prison ships. The fact that their societal “problems” were simply locked up and shipped off didn’t solve anything, it simply made them disappear from their own backyards. Granted, some were hardened criminals and did horrendous things that probably deserved worse than being dropped off in Australia, but there were families that were torn apart due to unfair sentences to petty crimes committed out of necessity. Unfortunately, this practice continues today due to mandatory sentences regardless of circumstance.



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