HUM 101: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

It’s a toss up on what has been my favorite part of what we’ve studied so far. Reading The Scandal in Bohemia was great and I loved exploring what I believe was Holmes’ one true love along with the clues within the story that lead me to that conclusion. As great as that was, how about that Jack the Ripper presentation? At the expense of being labeled narcissistic, I loved researching and presenting on the subject. There were/ are so many twists and turns, theories to his motive, suspects, etc that I was completely sucked into the subject and still am. I’ve even subjected my poor wife and son to watching anything on Netflix that is Ripper related.What’s worse is that I pause the program to educate them on the canonical five, the reasons other murders are suspected as being committed by him, but lack the sufficient evidence to link them to him along other facts I learned.

I know the assignment was to write 175 words on what I loved and why I loved it, but quite frankly, I can’t narrow it down. This has been the most unique class that I’ve ever taken and what transpires always leaves me wanting more. I can’t be the only one that reads something, draws a parallel to another idea and wants to discuss it with someone. If you fall into that category too, hit me up on this blog. There’s been numerous times where I’ve had an idea about something we’ve covered then heard other interpretations during class and it gets the mind racing. On more than one occasion, I’ve walked away from the classroom with another idea and no one to share it with, so I’m glad we have these blogs that allow us to exchange ideas and offer up new incite past our designated class time as it prevents “L’esprit de l’escalier”. Cheers.







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