Vampires and Painters: Schalken’s Painter

I enjoyed the story quite a bit, but because there’s not a very direct explanation of what has taken place concerning Rose’s marriage can leave some unsatisfied. It’s up to us to determine what happened. By her reappearing, being ravenous with hunger and in a state of hysteria, we can deduce that she is starved and mentally broken by what’s taken place. The fact that her neck is concealed could represent that she has been bitten and her behavior is that of a woman in her final hours. This helps correlate the ideas of vampirism and arranged marriages because the vampire is a master over those under his charm and, just like a wife belonging to her husband during the Victorian era, controls their connections with the outside world and what she may reveal to others. I liked the ending of the story as it was ghostly and left the reader wanting more.



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