Eliot Stabler vs. Sherlock Holmes- DUH-DUH!

My favorite modern detective is the character Elliot Stabler from the show SVU. I’m glad the question was asked in the description of what this post required if Holmes is a relic of the past. Yes, absolutely. Most of today’s detectives are not scholarly in their stature, but more “rough and tumble” in the ways of their investigations. While they can be similarly compared because both Holmes and Stabler use astute observational skills to gain an upper hand, Stabler is more likely to snatch an informant up and rough him up for information. Unlike Stabler, Holmes and Watson more or less gather their information through traditional questioning. It can be argued that Holmes is a man of action, but I haven’t read anything where he is the physical aggressor like Stabler. I think  TV shows like Law and Order and SVU have changed our views on modern detectives and expect them to continue doing so.



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