“The Body Snatcher”

Stevenson’s story The Body Snatcher was incredibly macabre, creepy, and suspenseful.  Throughout the story he builds upon suspense through the use of urgency such as Fettes instant sobriety at the mention of Wolfe Macfarlane’s name. Cryptic statements such as when he describes Fettes’ encounter with Macfarlane where he asks”Have you seen it?” only further the suspense and prepare for the narrators words that leave us shaken by it’s revelation.  One of the most shocking parts is when Fettes realizes murder is being committed to provide the cadavers as Jane Galbraith is delivered and he knew she was healthy having seen her the day before. The fact that Stevenson used inspiration from real events and even alluded to those involved in the Burke and Hare murders (Mr K— instead of Dr Know) made the story seem all to real and  undeniably human relateable. The use of rain and darkness is used to cast doubt on what it is real and what is possibly imagined. Overall, it’s been one of the best readings thus far.




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