The Life of a Domestic Servant

After finishing up the reading and based on what I’ve learned about the Victorian age so far, being  a domestic servant might not have been the worst thing in the world. On one hand, you had long hours, little to no pay, and worked under mostly unreasonable circumstances. On the other hand, you would have had shelter, food, and clothing and that beats trying to make ends meet through some unsavory means in the east end of London. It seems to me that, during those times, happiness really wasn’t the issue at hand, but survival was. That alone would be a driving force for some to endure this livelihood. The question was posed “Could you do it?”

No, probably not. I probably would have raided their liquor cabinet then bid them adieu and made my way to Whitechapel because I’d rather take my chances on the street with the rats than in a house with a shrew.


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