“K” doesn’t save time, it makes you look like an idiot.

There are two rules of online etiquette from the reading that I agree with; editing one’s work and using the full word instead of a shortcut that makes the writing look like it came from my teenage daughter’s cell phone (sans “poop emoji”).  When a person uses “K” instead of “OK”, I immediately question what they did with that extra nanosecond they saved by omitting 50 percent of a two letter word. Did they make dinner, do laundry or discover the cure for cancer? No.

They made themselves look ridiculous.

The same can be said for any comment one leaves online when they fail to proofread their input. One’s argument can easily become void by making an obvious and, often correctable, grammatical error. In order to maintain credibility, one must at least attempt to formulate a coherent thought and present it in such a manner that their elementary school teacher won’t hang their head in shame. Do yourself and everyone else a favor by editing your work and using proper English. bn1rwzscuaa5lpm



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